Andrew & Ali

Andrew & Ali

Andrew and Ali were married May 19th at The Barn At Evergreen Memorial Park, one of my favorite wedding venues. The building is a unique compilation of five different barns ranging from 70 to 100+ years old mixed together. The interior is beautifully decorated and upon entering you instantly feel warm, comfortable, and excited for the events to come.  The spring day was filled with mist mixed with light rain that created beautiful diffused light. Though the grass was wet Andrew & Ali had no problem hiking to the top of a hill in their boots so that we could frame a gorgeous Evergreen backdrop. Thanks for being so adventurous! It paid off!

One of the highlights of the evening was seeing Ali dance with her 90 year old grandfather. Before the wedding she and Andrew weren’t sure he was going to be able to make the journey from Florida, or how he would react to the high altitude coming from sea level. Yet the entire evening he moved with strength and stamina. The expression on his face was sheer joy as he danced with Ali. What a beautiful moment that will be treasured by her for years to come.

As I look back on this day I have to say it really was a perfect wedding. Great people, gorgeous venue, delicious food and drink, lots of smiles, lots of love. What a day! Most importantly Andrew and Ali joyfully entered into the covenant of marriage in front of the people they most hold dear in life.

Venue: The Barn at Evergreen Memorial Park